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An Innovative, Passionate Team Providing Inclusive Comprehensive Care

We gratefully acknowledge that in Smithers we live, work and play on the unceded traditional territory of the Gidimt'en Clan and the Witsuwit’en people people.

News //

Are you looking for a primary care provider?


If any doctors or nurse practitioners are taking on more patients it will be from a universal waiting list. 

You can register on the to be added to a waitlist. ***Please note that this waitlist can be accessed by any clinics in your region not specific to our clinic. ***

Prenatal Team


We at Northern Roots are excited about the development of the 4th trimester perinatal project. Our perinatal nurse- Anna Harrison - are providing care for pregnant women and their infants before, during and after birth.  Creating a team with Dr. Haskins and Dr. Drake the perinatal team is available for care and support in the office, at home, and by text. Prenatal education, breastfeeding support, newborn and postpartum care are some of the areas of focus. We are looking forward to working with you in this stage of your lives

 Medical Resident

Dr. Jennifer Vandenberg
R1 working with Dr. Marlowe Haskins
starting February 12, 2024.
We are excited to welcome Jen to our
clinic and have a chance to work with
her during her rotation here in 

Foundry Virtual BC

Foundry Virtual BC is now offering free drop-in and scheduled counselling & peer support, substance use services, groups, primary care and employment services for young people ages 12-24 and their caregivers across BC.

The link below will bring you directly to the website:

Who Are We? //

     We are a team of four physicians and three medical office assistants who are looking to create a medical home for our patients in the valley. We want you to feel comfortable coming to see your doctor and are working towards this every day. While each patient has a designated physician, we also cover each other regularly. In this way you will be seeing a physician you are comfortable with, and who has access to all your notes and records.

     We are also a teaching clinic and you will sometimes be seen by a resident or medical student during your visit. This is very important for their education and ours as students always bring in new information. If you are uncomfortable with this please let us know in advance when booking your appointment.

Are Masks Mandatory in our clinic (2024)

Masks are NOT  mandatory in our clinic at this time, we do require you to put on a mask please if you have any, or have had any recent symptoms of a cough, cold, fever, sore throat, etc. 

We appreciate your understanding. 

Video //

23 1/2 Hours

We will periodically post health related videos here that we believe in. If you have questions about them please ask us during your appointment.

Check out this YouTube channel of our colleague, Dr. Yama, giving medical educational videos for kids on multiple different topics:

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