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Below are a few documents containing our clinic policies. We will be continuing to add to this page with other relevant documents and links, so please check back often.

Patient Resources //

Frequently Asked Questions//

​​Are you accepting new patients?

No, unfortunately all three physicians have full practices at this time. We understand the ongoing need for family physicians and are working with all the other physicians in town to come up with a solution.

What services do you offer?

All 3 physicians offer full scope clinic medicine. In addition, Dr. Haskins offers maternity care as well as some surgical procedures. Dr. Blackstock has a special interest in palliative care. Dr. Quinn has a special interest in sports medicine.

Why am I getting bills from physicians?

While our medical system does cover many things through the Medical Services Plan, not all services are considered insured services. As such, physicians cannot bill the government for those services provided and that cost is therefore the responsibility of the patient. 

 Do we offer Covid Vaccine roll out plan?

As family physicians, we do not have any control over the B.C government's Sars-Covid Vaccine roll out plan. 

That being said, we will update our home page "News" with any updates that we receive regarding the vaccine roll out. 


How to pay bills not covered by MSP?

Our clinic only accepts cash or cheque paid to the order of your providing Doctor. 

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