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We have recently updated some of our policy please see below

Northern Roots Primary Care Policy

We strongly believe in creating a healthcare home for every patient.
In order to provide you with the best care possible we do have office policies which are grounded in respect for all the patients and staff who call this office home. 

Zero Tolerance Policy

Northern Roots Primary Care Doctors and staff work hard to provide excellent service to our patients.
Any Patients or their relatives who use threatening or offensive behavior, either physical or verbal, in person or by telephone, to any members of this practice will be immediately asked to leave the premises or to call back when calm and could be removed from Northern Roots Primary Care practice.
In this situation the patients will receive written notice. 


If you are on a chronic opioid prescription, it is expected that you will sign and abide by an opioid contract developed with your primary care physician. 

Vaccination Policy

In order to protect our vulnerable patients, if you choose to not vaccinate yourself or your children, your appointments will be booked either prior to lunch hour or the last appointment of the day.


We are a teaching clinic and as such will often have medical students or resident doctors working with us. We ask that you help us in furthering their education of our future physicians. Be assured that even if you do not see your own physician, they will always review your visit with the learner. 


Abuse ( Verbal, physical, emotional or psychological) will not be tolerated. You may be asked to leave the office immediately if this behavior is observed. You may be dismissed from the practice for this behavior.  

Regular clinic appointments are allocated for 15 minutes.
It is often very difficult to properly address multiple issues in one visit so your physician may request you to book another appointment if needed. We have longer appointment times available for periodic health screening as well as chronic disease review and will be happy to book this for you, if you are due. 

Due to the pandemic, we also now do phone call appointments. These are booked within a one hour time frame that you are given upon booking. 

Appointment times

Missed Appointments:

We strive and try our hardest to provide timely access to appointments for our patients. For this reason, if you miss an appointment or cancel with less than a 3 hour notice you will be charged a fee of $30.00 per booked 15 minute in person appointment. 
For a missed phone call appointment it will be $20.00. 

No new appointments will be booked for you until this fee is paid. 

Transitioning care providers

Because we are available to care for each other's patient's on a regular basis, if you decide you no longer wish to receive care from your family physician, the other physicians at this clinic will not be able to take over your care. 

Physician Availability

When your physician is away or on vacation, we will strive to ensure that another doctor will be available to see you if needed. the physician may be one of the other physicians in the clinic or may be a locum physician. 

Forms/ Uninsured Services

There are certain services we are able to provide that are not covered by Medical Services Plan, ( IE: Form completion, visits for medical travel advice, etc.) Please ask our MOA's for a complete list of services and fees. We will strive to complete all form requests within two weeks of receipt of payment. 

Prescription renewals

Phone in/ fax prescriptions are not a BC Medical Services Plan covered service.
For this reason, there is a $25.00 charge for renewal of prescriptions over the telephone or fax.
Please keep a close track of your prescription medication needs, call to book an appointment with your family physician at least three weeks prior to when your prescription medication will be out. 

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